what people say about mindfulness + self-compassion with Lokadhi

“I got an amazing amount out of it. Really benefited from Lokadhi’s expert guidance and encouragement, structured approach ... inspirational.”

"I’ve really appreciated the experiential approach – just doing things, and not knowing why – and the non-judgemental atmosphere ..." 

"The poetry really hit the spot each time – resonated with what was going on for me."

“I couldn’t focus at work and was silent and distant at home. I now have the ability to slow my thoughts down and worry less. I’m sleeping better than I ever have.”

"I've realised there's very little difference between 'pleasant' and 'unpleasant' experiences – simply a matter of my response: that it's not the event that's the trigger for judging something but my thoughts about it."

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“I have absolutely loved it ...  I’d recommend it to anyone struggling with being human! Lokadhi is an angel of awesomness!”

“It's given me a new perspective on meditation and how to handle thoughts and emotions. Accepting beats fighting any day! So simple, yet so effective."   

"I’ve learned that 3 minutes can be very useful! I’ve developed more emotional control and found significant change in my behaviour. I’m completing tasks and not putting things off." 

“My brother is a strong advocate and is doing a Ph.D. on using mindfulness in social work training. He gently encouraged me to look into it as a way of working with my tendency towards anxiety and depression, and especially as I’m facing a big decision in relation to our family life.”

“I saw I was putting things off until ‘more convenient’ (i.e. never!). I persisted in doing more practice and found it beneficial.”

“I’ve gained personal insights, enjoyment, humour, appreciation of a great teacher, recognition of the importance of the practices, and that I’m a bit rebellious – acceptance of that and of other things about myself.”

“I was interested in the difficulties I experienced – stayed with them, learned from them, accepted them and continued with the practice – it helped to use my therapy sessions as support. I feel very lucky.”

"Lokadhi was careful to listen and give respect, and has the rare ability to 'move on' without making that person feel unworthy. She did that with diplomacy and tact - and often with humour which was really important."

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“I’ve gained the realisation that thoughts are not facts – that I have a choice as to how I respond to thoughts, and so less chance of continued depression and anxiety.”

“I feel a lot more positive and in control. I’m very glad I came when I did.”

“I’ve strengthened some boundaries, gained perspective – can stand back from issues – and have greater awareness of the levels of anxiety I can experience.”

"Thank you so much! It's been life-changing."

“A good friend recommended Lokadhi's work really highly – with excitement – and this enabled me to choose it from a positive place (rather than from an emotionally-attached place of need).”

"It felt like you’re passionate about this approach and are genuinely keen to share it with others."

“I’ve met some lovely people through learning mindfulness.”

"Thank you, Lokadhi! You've made a real difference to my life."

“I’ve gained faith in human nature ... and an understanding that making an effort to be relaxed and aware can pay dividends.”

"I really enjoyed it and have found it really helpful – I'd recommend it to all my stressed-out friends and colleagues!"

"I've learned that 3 minutes can be very useful! I've developed more emotional control and found significant change in my behaviour. I'm completing tasks and not putting things off."

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"I have a whole new toolkit of techniques to bring me back to the present."

"I enjoyed your obvious dedication and commitment to the practices and appreciated your manner and experience immensely – and your wry sense of humour!"

“I liked the relaxed, supportive vibe; and that Lokadhi's a very experienced teacher.”

“Inspiring. Thank you.”

"You're doing an amazing job of helping people – a true inspiration."

“It's been hugely beneficial and I have learned a lot about myself.”

"Lokadhi helped me in ways I couldn't possibly have imagined – I'm now able to fly on my own; I've given a speech – to me these are major achievements."

“I’ve become more aware of being kinder to myself – I look after myself. I’ve learned to not judge my experience, not be so critical of myself.”

“I’ve struggled with speaking my feelings in a group. I have begun to tackle it through taking a chance every now and then and just doing it. Each time it’s been hard. Lokadhi has been great in creating such a warm and welcoming space that I felt able to do so.”

“I liked your quiet authority."

“It's been very nurturing and thought-provoking. I feel stronger and more focused. I appreciate what I've learned and look forward to continuing my practice.”

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"Lokadhi provided a safe, calm environment. It was enjoyable and benefits those who are committed."

"Thank you Lokadhi for the opportunity you have given me and for your invaluable teaching."

"I've got an enormous amount from the experience: the centrality of the breath as a place to come back to."

"Thank you for your kind and thoughtful facilitation over the weeks."

"Coming to the sessions each week has helped break some of my 'inert' evening patterns of behaviour."

"I've gained a greater sense of calm and a feeling that I can take a step back and look at how my body is reacting to situations."

"There is something eye-opening about recognising how people can have so much common ground in how they are trying to find new ways to cope with life’s ups and downs, and I think that is one of the most powerful things about this training ...”

“I’m deeply thankful to those who have been so open with their own struggles and challenges, and also their achievements – both were extremely empowering to hear about."

"I enjoyed the fact that the teaching was experiential but also offered some intellectual engagement."

“I’ve struggled to carve out time to practice and have this with a mixture of 'wangling' and 'just doing it'.  I definitely got braver about doing it when I was feeling low and apprehensive about sitting with my emotions – and started to feel much more able to 'see' my thoughts as though on a cinema screen."

"I've gained a greater sense of calm and a feeling that I can take a step back and look at how my body is reacting to situations."

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"I've valued the group work, and your gentle a skilful teaching. I also enjoyed the practice day very much."

“It's helped me find periods of peace, acceptance and calm which I have not felt for years and years. It’s been amazing and reinvigorating.”

"I've learned how to slow down and reflect."

"I've valued recognising this is a journey that has begun – it may take some time to find a regular rhythm."

"It really helped me understand how much pain I experience from wanting things to be different.”

“I’ve developed greater sense of kindness and patience towards myself and others as a result of having slightly greater space around emotional ups and downs.”

“When my commitment tailed off, it helped to just keep coming each week.”

“I learned that I can commit to something – and my social life doesn’t crumble!”

“I often feel other people ‘get it’ and I don’t. I’ve come to realise this is a story.”

“It had struck me that I spend a lot of time in my own head and miss out on life. I wanted to learn more ...”

“I’ve been reminded of the importance of consistency in practising – the importance of facing things directly, including noticing uncomfortable feelings.”

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“Once or twice, if my back’s been bad, I’ve wondered whether to come – but I did, and it did help.”

“I now pause ... rather than saying ‘no’, minimising, or being negative about an idea.”

“I’ve learned to be gentle with myself about the home practice – and just do it!”

“I’ve realised that mindfulness isn’t about being peaceful and it’s really not easy. I found this a profound and valuable experience – I’m very grateful.”

“I’ve gained a better appreciation of the things that are good in my life, and I am happier for it. I now feel I have a resource to help cope with bad times.”

“I came because I get stressed very easily; because I get ill a lot; because I don’t like myself very much. Whoops – put that in the past tense!”

“I feel the benefits – and realise that missing practice sessions does not help break old habits.”

“I’ve considerable hope about my ability to live in a different way from how I have for probably the past 10 or so years.”

“I struggled with doing the practice – using it as another reason to feel bad about myself. I learned to give myself a break – but also found it helpful to just do the practice.”

“It’s been a privilege to hear others’ experiences and to see how they’ve benefited ...”

“I found taking on the home practice hard but didn’t give up on the bigger picture, allowed for progress."

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"A huge, all-embracing thank-you to Lokadhi for a beautiful programme and phenomenal facilitation - spacious, alive, made a clearing in my life."

“I’m really pleased I was able to complete the programme – it was hard going at first, but definitely worth the effort: really valid things I can use.”

“I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to be mindful of thoughts and emotions, and greater skills to be able to do so.”

“I’ve felt overwhelmed by certain thoughts whilst meditating. But I’ve managed to come back to the breath and eventually come back into the room.”

“Thank you, Lokadhi, for your support and guidance throughout.”