mindfulness supervision for mindfulness teachers

to support mindfulness teachers in their professional  lives, I provide...

mindfulness supervision for mindfulness teachers (MBCT, MBSR, Breathworks)

As an experienced practitioner, teacher and supervisor, I offer individual and group supervision for Mindfulness teachers.

I will work with you collaboratively in developing and maintaining a self-reflective Mindfulness teaching practice: challenging you where appropriate and supporting you in regularly reviewing your self-regulation and self-care. I encourage exploration of unconscious processes in what may be going on within both the teaching and supervisory relationship.

I have experience across different theoretical frameworks - MBCT, MBSR, Breathworks, as well as models adapted for specific populations and particular contexts - and welcome supervisees from diverse backgrounds offering Mindfulness and Compassion-Based courses, workshops and one-to-one sessions in a variety of settings. In supporting you to deliver your teaching and shaping your professional and personal practice, I will bring curiosity and empathetic engagement. I am steady, open, knowledgeable, intuitive,

Trained by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), Bangor, in supervision skills, I bring this training, together with my clinical experience of mindfulness and of advanced mindfulness teacher training, to the supervisory partnership. I also offer mentoring for experienced teachers developing specific Mindfulness projects.

The code of conduct for Mindfulness teachers requires that we're in regular supervision and observe a high level of professional ethics. I'm registered with the Mindfulness Network CIC and offer supervision to those who are in training to teach mindfulness-based approaches and those with mindfulness teaching experience.

Drawing on over 30 years' Mindfulness and Compassion-Based practice, and Mindfulness teaching experience going back to the early 2000s, I have been a supervisor and mentor for more than a decade.

My approach is fluid, intuitive, sensitive but rigorous and practical - underpinned  by a thorough theoretical understanding, sound training and frequently updated by continuing professional development (CPD) courses and workshops and regular meditation retreats.

The supervision I offer is in line with the ethical guidelines of the UK Mindfulness Network and the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA); is supported by regular, in-depth Mindfulness-Based supervision, and by my own longstanding teaching and personal Mindfulness-Based and Compassion-Focused practices.

I am also a therapist/counsellor, bringing over a decade's experience to individual and group work. For more information about my training and clinical background as a therapist and clinical supervisor, please see here.

training workshops for mindfulness teachers

I offer workshops for experienced mindfulness teachers and those who are training to teach mindfulness, as well as for therapists and other health professionals bringing mindfulness into their lives and professional work. These one- and two-day workshops provide an opportunity to develop understanding and confidence in practising inquiry and other skills central to the teaching of mindfulness-based approaches (MBSR and MBCT).

who are the workshops for?
The workshops are especially relevant to teachers of MBSR and MBCT who want to develop their facilitation of the inquiry process in their groups, as well as expand and hone their capacity to listen deeply to themselves and to their course participants.

what is involved?
The workshops offer an experiential context for deepening your understanding of, and enhancing your competence in, inquiry and other core elements of mindfulness teaching.

They include opportunities for participants to examine the theories and intentions of MBSR/MBCT through practising inquiry and other teaching skills with fellow mindfulness teachers.

venue: usually run in North London, in the Highbury/Islington area or in East London (Dalston/Haggerston).

To register your interest in future workshops, or for more information, please get in touch.

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