online psychotherapy, mindfulness + compassion-based therapy + counselling

online therapy, counselling, mindfulness + self-compassion

mindfulness + compassion-based psychotherapy + counselling online with Lokadhi

Whenever possible, I prefer that we meet for therapy or counselling sessions in person - in the City of London (Holborn) or Highbury Islington. However, where specifically discussed and agreed in advance, and if appropriate to the work we are doing together, we may arrange to work online.

Online sessions can provide a supportive space for contemplation, inner reflection, and in fostering depth of therapeutic connection, and may offer some significant advantages to those whose choices might otherwise be limited.

Though clearly not the same as meeting in person, working together online may enable existing therapy and counselling clients to continue their work uninterrupted when it is not possible for us to meet in person. It might also enable others to start therapeutic work when meeting in the consulting room in the usual way is simply not possible because of:

  • childcare and other care responsibilities
  • health or mobility concerns
  • they are located outside London or abroad
  • of other reasons for remaining in their own home

Fees range from £80-£95, depending on time of day. Some concessions available, by arrangement, for those from low-income households.

To ask about my current availability and arrange an initial appointment:

common concerns about online work

I've given considerable thought to how connecting with one another over the internet can be as stress-free and pleasant an experience as possible when sensory and other distractions are minimised.

Before we meet I recommend the guidelines below which suggest things you can do to provide as supportive conditions as possible: