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mindfulness therapy in person, and in your home

Whenever possible, I prefer that we meet for therapy or counselling sessions in person - in the City of London (Holborn) and Highbury Islington; I work online where appropriate, and where specifically discussed and agreed in advance.

I offer supervision and other self-regulatory support for therapists and for mindfulness teachers/trainers - currently delivered online via Zoom, as well as occasional online mindfulness-based  and self-compassion courses, classes and workshops.

common concerns about online work

I've given considerable thought to how connecting with one another over the internet can be as stress-free and pleasant an experience as possible when sensory and other distractions are minimised.

Before we meet - whether for an online workshop, course or group activity, or for one-to-one therapy/counselling or supervision - I will let you have guidelines recommending things you can do to provide as supportive conditions as possible.

Meanwhile, I hope that answers to the following more general questions will be helpful:

3-week on-line introductory/top-up courses

there are currently no online courses scheduled - please check here, or sign up to my newsletter for periodic updates.

These mindfulness and self-compassion courses are suitable for people who simply want to enrich the quality of their lives as well as those who want to manage stress, anxiety, low mood, and other specific behavioural patterns or chronic conditions.

Delivered on Zoom ...   considerable care is given to providing a context that supports contemplation and inner reflection. Many of us are spending increased time in front of screens, taking part in frequent on-line meetings and other virtual forms of communication - and find this challenging and tiring. As with other on-line activities I offer, much thought is given to limiting face-to-face video screen time (by sometimes using audio only) and supporting a sense of ease and of self-reflection.

The courses are suitable for anyone over the age of 18, whether or not you have any previous understanding of mindfulness or compassion-based approaches.

3 evenings (over 3 weeks)

This short course is for you if you would like to experience mindfulness and compassion-based training for the first time. It's also suitable for those who have done a longer course and would like a refresher or top-up.

Once you have booked, you will be referred to a secure online registration form which you are asked to submit with 48 hours. Your place is not confirmed until you have received a personal email from Lokadhi accepting you on the course; should you not be offered a place, your fee will be refunded in full.

Fees not transferrable, or refundable once you have been accepted on the course (unless the course is unavoidably cancelled).

For dates of future courses:

therapy and counselling in your own home, online

Moving our work together online enabled existing therapy and counselling clients to continue their work uninterrupted during the height of the pandemic. It has also enabled others to start therapeutic work at a particularly challenging time, when meeting in the consulting room in the usual way was simply not possible.

Though it is clearly not the same as meeting in person, we've collaborated in exploring how online sessions can  provide a  supportive space for contemplation, inner reflection, and in fostering depth of therapeutic connection – at a time when many of us have been spending an extra amount of time in front of screens. And, perhaps surprisingly, some people find it easier to connect with their feelings, when they meet their therapist on a screen, than when they are actually in front of another person in the same room.

Fees range from £80-£95, depending on time of day.   

Concessions available, by arrangement, for those in receipt of state benefits or from low-income households.

To ask about my current availability and arrange an initial appointment:

common concerns about online therapy and counselling

I hope the answers to the following questions will help address any concerns you might have about online therapy:

mindfulness and self-compassion courses and workshops in your own home, online

Encouraged by how positive and beneficial an experience offering online counselling and therapy has been, I offer mindfulness and compassion-based workshops and short courses online – which have been well received.

I must say, I'd harboured reservations about how online mindfulness might work - it seems such a contradiction! However, after running several pilot sessions I revised my views. The fact that many people keep coming back does suggest they're reaping benefits - and perhaps are even enjoying the classes!

In both cases – therapy and workshops/courses ­– there are some significant advantages, including offering greater accessibility to those who might otherwise not be able to come in person because of

• childcare and other care responsibilities
• health or mobility concerns
• being located outside London

and for those who have other needs to remain in their own home.

If you've been feeling sceptical, I hope you will consider joining us!